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Introduction to PRS

An overview for those new to protracted refugee situations.


A full bibliography of resources relating to PRS.

Security and Peace Building

Resources relating to security and peace building in PRS.

Case Study: Burmese

A selection of resources relating to Burmese PRS.

PRS Project

About the Project 'Unlocking crises of protracted displacement'.

Protracted Refugee Situations (PRS) refer to situations in which refugees have lived in exile for 5 years or more, and where there is a low likelihood of resolving their situation in the near future.

According to this definition, about two-thirds of the world's refugees - over seven million people - find themselves in Protracted Refugee Situations without much prospect of achieving substantial change or durable solutions. In 2011 there were approximately 30 PRS situations worldwide. The average duration of these situations has significantly increased over the last decade, and is now approaching 20 years.

Refugees facing protracted displacement often suffer from a lack of physical security, legal status and respect for their fundamental human rights while in exile. On the other hand, their presence can lead to tensions with the local population and to the exacerbation of regional conflict and instability. Protracted Refugee Situations thus can have negative effects both on the human security of refugees and on the national security of states that host them. In recent years, the increasing relevance of PRS has been recognised by international organisations, NGOs and academic institutions, and research in this area has intensified. 

This website brings together a variety of resources about issues relating to protracted refugee situations. The majority of this information is divided into themes and regional case studies. For a general introduction to protracted refugee situations, please see our overview page.

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