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Case studies

These pages provide access to a variety of resources on individual Protracted Refugee Situations. Case studies in this section were selected following the definition of PRS by the UNHCR: situations affecting refugees "who continue to be (in exile) for 5 years or more after their initial displacement, without immediate prospects for (the) implementation of durable solutions." Examples range from Africa to Asia, Europe and South America, and while the focus in this section is on contemporary situations, selected historical examples are provided as well.

Contemporary case studies

This section provides access to resources relating to current Protracted Refugee Situations. Each page provides a brief overview of facts related to the respective PRS, including length of displacement, numbers displaced, and causes of displacement. For each case, a list with online and other documents can be consulted for further reading and information.

Historical case studies

This section provides acess to resources on protracted refugee situations which have been resolved. It focuses on three case studies: Central AmericaIndochina, and Post-WW II Europe. All three cases offer valuable lessons to be learned for contemporary PRS, and were chosen for their success in reaching durable solutions for refugees formerly trapped in protracted displacement.